CAPTURED :: Our New Years Trip In Acrylic.

Fees like me, don't grow on trees.

CAPTURED :: She So Smokey.

LISTEN UP :: Mmm Mmm Mmmm. LOVE Me Some Minnesota.

MINNESOTA throws down some of the nassstiest, mind-blowing, body-moving, Dubstep/Glitch-hop/Future Bass, that, upon first listen, evoked from deep within me, feelings only comparable to those I have experienced when falling in love at first sight.

Minnesota's music didn't grow on me...it had me at hello. And the more I listened, the harder I fell. And now, after more than two months of bumping his tracks, they still tease me, and please me, make me scream out, "Yessssss!" and  always leave me craving for more.

"Setting the record straight. No, I do not live in Minnesota. I live in Santa Cruz, CA. BUT, I grew up in Minnesota. And when I moved to Cali, everyone called me Minnesota. When I started DJ-ing, my friends called me DJ Minnesota. And I was never able come up with a cool DJ name, so it stuck. BAM!" (Facebook)

Minnesota's tracks can be heard in sets played by electronic music makers, such as: Bassnectar, Reid Speed, Blackheart and Rastatronics. In addition to making music, Minnesota is a cofounder of the production company, Vital Sc, and is also associated with the MalLabel, Tycho Records, and Gruntworthy music labels.
"I'm currently a History major at UCSC...I have almost no time to work on music, so most of my music comes when I have breaks from school." (Soundcloud)

Minnesota, who started producing electronic music more than 2 years ago, is now considered a major player in the Bay Area bass scene. His name has appeared on bills with big name DJs, such as: Nero, Flying Lotus, Rusko, Benassi, Ghostland Observatory, RJD2, Datsik, Excision and Skrillex.
"These are my jams! My goal is to make bass heavy dubstep/glitch-hop music that'll get you dancing, but is not the same old, 3 note transformer-step....I try to focus more on the melodic side of Dubstep, and hopefully, make quality song writing a more relevant factor in the genre." (Soundcloud)





LISTEN UP :: Magnetic Man Whips It Up.

Hmmm...I don't know what Magnetic Man (a.k.a. Benga, Artwork, and Skream) was thinking when they decided to turn Willow Smith's Pop/RnB tune, "Whip My Hair," into what sounds like, in my opinion, a Darth Vader impersonator spittin' rhymes over a chopped and screwed electro track. Give this one a listen below and then post a comment! I am curious to know what others think about this track...


LISTEN UP :: On That "We Are The Future" Bass Tip.

Mmm mmm mmm 8 )

Someone must have overheard my pleas to the bass gods, because my prayers have been answered!

Comin' to you straight outta The Bay is GruntWorthy, a Future Bass music label and the brainchild of producers Dr.Knobz and Carly-D. The label focuses on all sub-genres of bass music, including, but not limited to: Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Glitch Hop, Breaks, and 4X4 Wobble. 

GruntWorthy made a name for itself among local Cali Bassheads by putting on a hosted monthly, GruntWorthy 3rd Wednesdays, which began in June 2010 in Berkeley and now goes down at The Blue Macaw in San Francisco. The event has featured DJs and producers such as: Stephan Jacobs, Samples, NastyNasty, NiT GriT, ChrisB. and many many more. 

Okayyy, now back to my bass prayers being answered! GruntWorthy recently dropped an amaaazing compilation LP featuring future bass tracks from names both well-know and on the come-up. The LP, as a whole, for me, represents the future of electronic music...because I believe collaboration between artists/producers has had, and will continue to have, a huge influence on the evolution of electronic and, more specifically, bass music. will and is so good that I've had that ish on repeat at my house and bumpin' so loud that a friend of mine told me he could hear the bass from the street when he pulled up in front of my house. I truly believe that the diverse array of talent represented on this LP will  definitely be hard to match.

If you know me, then you know I'm all about helpin' out and showin' mad love for my homies. So, of course, I have to give some BIG UPs to the artists and tracks on this LP that are special to me....
Samples :: I don't know Samples personally, but I know he kicks it with/knows some of my homies here in Chicago. What else I know, is that the kid throws down nasssty and only seems to get better and better each time I hear a new track from him. 
Billy Blacklight :: Billy gets special mention because while I was working on this post last night, I took a Facebook break annnd what did I see? A new friend request...from a guy I've never met and had never heard of before then...BILLY BLACKLIGHT! The coincidence was just toooooo uncanny and too awesome not to mention in this post.
Minnesota :: I am currently working on an enormous post featuring Minnesota. Why? Because I have yet to hear a track by this dude that I don't like (and I've heard EVERYTHING he has available online), and I always play his tracks from beginning to end. Ohhh and did I mention he hails from the Midwest (represent represent!) and is a full-time college student in Cali? What a unique combo!
Carly-D :: I can't lie...don't know much about Carly-D, but y'all know I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Mochipet! 
Below, are Soundcloud and YouTube players that you can use to preview the LP. There are also links to free downloads of each individual track, as well as a bonus track that isn't included in the Soundcloud player tracklist (a remix by Energy Alchemist) and, for your convenience, a link to download the entire LP as a zip file. I hope you enjoy all this nasssty DOPE bass as much as I have : )





Sauce FT. Konfadense :: THE UNION




Sneaker Pimps :: BLOODSPORT (ZIPSE'S 80s RMX)

Little John :: ROLL 1 UP (FT. KRUMPLEDIM)



Samples & Stephan Jacobs :: NANO PUPPY (STEPHAN'S BONE THUG'S RE-EDIT)


Hypha :: LIMONA


Energy Alchemist :: HOLDING ON

Billy Blacklight :: GLASS BOTTOM CEILING









**  GruntWorthy :: WE ARE THE FUTURE (Full LP ZIP) **


GruntWorthy Vol. 1 :: Features tracks from Stephan Jacobs & +verb, sugarpill, Minnesota, Dr.Knobz and Carly-D with Doug Surreal
HiDef - Synthetics EP :: A 4 track release from LA producer HiDef (aka Edmondo Annecchini).
Energy Alchemist EP :: - Beatport exclusive release
Carly-D & Dr.Knobz :: Fourthcoming Feb 2011
Future releases :: HiDef, Energy Alchemist, Builder, datgirl livepa, Erin Jale, SUBADDICTION, CLAY, Bodie, DU3 and more.

* If you would like to submit your music to GruntWorthy for consideration, their email address is: info@gruntworthy.com


CAPTURED :: We All Have Our Demons.

I find this photograph to be a good reminder to myself, that... 
No matter how good a person is, we all have demons, of one kind or another, within us.
We must own up to our imperfections and face our demons; not ignore them.

CAPTURED :: Before The Show.

CAPTURED :: Moneygami.

LISTEN UP :: Yelle Is Coming.

My obsession with French Electropop band Yelle began when I first heard the song "A Cause Des Garcons" playing in the background during a scene from, what was once, one of my fave TV shows. The only way I can adequately communicate how hard and how quickly I fell in love with Yelle's music, is to take you back in time with me...

It's 2008 , I'm sitting on the futon in the living room of my Damen Ave. apartment, annnnnd I almost feel embarrassed saying this, but I'm watching The Hills on MTV. The star of the show, LC, is in Paris with coworker and friend Whitney on a fashion mission assigned to them by LA-based badass fashion bigshot (a.k.a their boss) Kelly Cutrone. After picking up a dress from a Parisian couture designer, LC and Whit exit the shop to head back to their hotel and get ready for a night out on the town. 

As they step inside their sleek and shiny ride, and their conversation comes to an end, a catchy Electropop beat starts to play quietly in the background. And once LC and Whit were comfortably seated in the back of their chauffeur-driven BMW, the song's instrumentals are on full-blast and the voice of a highly enthused, sassy, French chick kicks in.  

It was at this point, that I literally jumped off the couch and began dancing around my living room like someone had just lit my ass on fire; my arms flailed wildly above my head, and my hips rolled in circles and bounced side-to-side, in perfect unison with my bare feet as they moved across the floor to the beat. 

That night, while searching online for the song I had heard on The Hills, I stumbled upon a Tecktonik version of one of Yelle's songs; directed by Bastien Lattanzio and Guillaume Berg. The video uses a Tepr remix of a Yelle song and features Tecktonik dancers Treaxy and Vavan dancing beside the letters of the word "Yelle."

From that night (when I first heard the band and saw the dance) on, for almost a year, I was hooked on Yelle and Tecktonik.


4.16 :: Indio, CA : Coachella
4.17 :: Phoenix, AZ : Rhythm Room
4.18 :: Tuscon, AZ : Club Congress
4.19 :: Albuquerque, NM : Launchpad
4.21 :: Dallas, TX : Granada Theatre
4.22 :: Austin, TX : Mohawk
4.23 :: Houston, TX : Fitzgerald's
4.25 :: Atlanta, GA : Masquerde
4.26 :: Chapel Hill, NC : Cat's Cradle
4.27 :: Washington, DC : 9:30 Club
4.29 :: Boston, MA : Royale Boston
4.30 :: New York, NY : Irving Plaza
5.02 :: Quebec City, Quebec : Le Circle
5.03 :: Montreal, Quebec : Le National
5.04 :: Toronto, Ontario : The Opera House
5.07 :: Minneapolis, MN : First Ave
5.08 :: Madison, WI : Majestic Theatre
5.10 :: Denver, CO : Bluebird Theater
5.11 :: Salt Lake City, UT : Urban Lounge
5.13 :: Vancouver, British Columbia : The Commodore Ballroom
5.14 :: Seattle, WA : Neumos
5.15 :: Portland, OR : Wonder Ballroom
5.17 :: Reno, NV : Tonic Lounge
5.18 :: Santa Cruz, CA : Rio Theater
5.19 :: San Francisco, CA : Regency Ballroom
5.20 :: San Diego, CA : The Casbah
5.21 :: Los Angeles, CA : Henry Fonda Theatre

LISTEN UP :: Ellie Goulding / Tour Dates.

3.16 - 3.19 :: Austin, TX : SXSW
3.22 :: Washington, DC : Rock And Roll Hotel
3.23 :: Boston, MA : Brighton Music Hall
3.24 :: New York, NY : Webster Hall
3.25 :: Philadelphia, PA : World Café Live Downstairs
3.27 :: Toronto, Ontario : Great Hall
3.31 :: Minneapolis, MN : Fine Line Music Café
3.02 :: Boulder, CO : Fox Theater
3.03 :: Salt Lake City, UT : Avalon Theatre
4.10 :: Vancouver, British Columbia
4.11 :: Seattle, WA : Neumos Crystal Ball Reading Room
4.13 :: Portland, OR : Doug Fir Lounge
4.14 :: San Francisco, CA : Rickshaw Stop
4.16 :: San Diego, CA : Casbah
4.17 :: Indio, CA : Coachella

STEEZ :: Black Allure / Vogue Italia.

LISTEN UP :: Cut Copy Megapost.

As I'm sure many of you are aware of by now, Cut Copy's new album, Zonoscope has officially been released. What I find most interesting about the release of this album is that some retail copies of Zonoscope include a special bonus hour-long mix, entitled "A Tale Of Two Journeys," which, according to a press release, is...
"...a medley of hits performed live at the Island Diamond Dance Hall in '87 by Bobby Boomerang and his band."
However, while perusing Pitchfork's "News" section, I stumbled across an article, entitled Hear a New Cut Copy DJ Mix by Tom Breihan, which included the following commentary on what was stated in the press release (see above)...
"This is, of course, not true. Instead, it's a collection of smoothly funky tracks that moves freely across genre lines. Highlights include the Brothers Johnson's "Strawberry Letter 23", Ace Frehley's "New York Groove", and A Guy Called Gerald's "Voodoo Ray".
I included the previous tidbits of info pertaining to Zonoscope for those of you who actually enjoy knowing more about an album than just its name. But for those of you who are, at this point, saying... "Fuck it! I just wanna hear some music!" ...in Cut Copy album bonus fashion, I too have a few goodies for you ; )




Guess what? You don't actually have to buy the album to hear the bonus hour-long mix, entitled "A Tale Of Two Journeys." Stream the mix and/or DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE.



LISTEN UP :: Get Your Freaktion On.

Sources: Soundcloud & Mad Decent

LISTEN UP :: Booty Farm Bass.

This once in a lifetime collection of Heavyweight contenders features no less than 1200 individual hand crafted Bass samples, presented in 24Bit resolution and formed using state of the art digital and analogue studio technology. The pack is formed of 93 Loops for DnB, Hip Hop and Dubstep and 47 Ready to play multi-sampled Basses for Soft synths compatible with Reason NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, EXS, and SFZ. (From Loopmasters Blog)

Sources: Soundcloud & Loopmasters Blog

LISTEN UP :: This Is Dub / Dub and Dubstep Are Not The Same / In Case You Needed Some Clarification.

The Prince Fatty sound is designed to dub your feet with Rock Steady beats delivered in an up-beat, positive and organic funk fashion. Mixed in an analog haze of vintage spring reverbs, tape echoes and custom hi-grade mixing consoles, Prince Fatty won’t disappoint the lovers of the early 70s Jamaican Rock Steady , Dub and Roots Reggae.

From Heavy Dub Basslines, Spring Reverb Vox, Multi Tapped Delays, Funky Horns, Bubbles and Chops, Skanks, and some of the most heavy hitting live and programmed Dub and Reggae Drum loops known to man or Rasta! (From Loopmasters Blog)

Sources: Soundcloud & Loopmasters Blog

LISTEN UP :: Heart / Love & Light.



LISTEN UP :: Brave Remix.


Here's a sneak peek of a mockup of the inside of the Grassroots California (GRC) Saxton Waller hat. 

Yuppp, you're not trippin'...it says ROYGBIVLSD.

LISTEN UP :: He Knows How To Beat It.

A very talented drummer I know, my brother BEN, turned me to CHRIS COLEMAN a few months ago. It doesn't matter whether you're like me, and truly love and live for beats and bass, or someone who just likes good music in general. Either way, you need to watch the vids below, because...


IN MOTION :: Feel Good / Modestep.

LISTEN UP :: Run You Down.

LISTEN UP :: Eat Concrete.

Want more? Check   out on MySpace / / Discogs / eatconcrete.net

LUSTEN UP :: Chase & Status on BBC 1Xtra.

LUSTEN UP :: Rusko On Fire / Tour Dates & Cities.


LISTEN UP :: Lunice & SAFEWALLS Collab / + Free Mixtape.

Lunice SAFEWALLS Mixtape Interview

Montreal-based music-maker Lunice is a rising star in the arena of thumping, bumping club sounds. Rising with impressive velocity, as a matter of fact. It was exactly four years ago, in December of 2006, that Lunice Fermin Pierre II — a teenage breakdancer at the time, with little more than a local profile — began work on his first foray into music production, the online release Kibbles N’ Beats.

Lunice’s efforts to reconcile hip hop’s mainstream and underground sounds, bringing in elements of electro and other flavours, and his dedication to detonating dancefloors earned him admission to the widely noticed Turbo Crunk crew, leaders in the playful yet heavy-duty new club sound that New Yorker scribe Sasha Frere-Jones christened “lazer bass”. Since then, he’s rapidly found doors opening up for him around the world, and anticipation for his releases has become increasingly feverish.

We at SAFEWALLS are understandably thrilled to have a talent of this calibre and consequence creating the soundtracks for all our forthcoming our video clips as we tour the world’s cities and art scenes. For a taste, check out what he did for our video of the SAFEWALLS X En Masse artwork at Cirque du Soleil headquarters in Montreal, or download Lunice’s exclusive mix for SAFEWALLS, featuring four remixes, five unreleased tracks and a number off his EP with the label LuckyMe, Stacker Upper. And read our interview with Lunice below, in which he proves himself enthusiastic, optimistic and above all far more humble than he ought to be!

________________________ _______________________________________ ________________________

Before you began making music seriously, you were a b-boy, breakdancing with 701 Squad. What’s your forte as a dancer, your strongest moves?
Footwork and style. I was always about finding unconventional ways to hit the beat and do certain moves that would make people go, “Hmm… Interesting…” when I would do some footwork.

Do you think your background in dancing helps you when you make music?
Totally! It gave me the ability to push the boundaries on what a club track should sound like because I would be able to tell if it’s danceable or not. And if people don’t know how to dance to it, I would just go front-stage and just wild out dancing, and as long as I look like I’m having the time of my life on stage, people will get that vibe and start dancing too. Then it becomes all fun times and good vibes, all night!

You’ve also done a bit of beatboxing. Does that affect how you make music as well?
I guess you could say that it helped shape my sense of rhythm a bit. Even in beatboxing, I wasn’t interested in crowd-pleasing tricks. I was mainly focusing on how much of a swing I could add to beatboxing, and trying out different rhythms and sounds. Then, eventually, it came to mind — but it wasn’t that moment where I decided — to maybe produce my own music.

You’ve dabbled in graffiti, way back when. Do you have any favourite visual artists, in graffiti, street art or otherwise?
Yeah, man, I’m aaaaall about street graffiti — or you can just call it “handstyles.” I like pieces and throw-ups but I find handstyles says a lot about a person’s lifestyle and taste. I’m a big fan of Remio but a bigger fan of a few local street artists I know — but I don’t think I should name them out.

You came up through the Turbo Crunk parties in Montreal. What was so special about that scene and those nights?
It was the only night of its kind in Montreal, literally! It was all about experimental rap music, really, just a group of homies getting together every month to see who’s got a new banger to play out. We’d get inspired off of each other’s new tracks and then go back to the drawing board and create the next big tune. So it was a really fun and inspiring night to be in. It was specifically that club night and my homies/mentors — Megasoid, Hovatron and Seb Diamond — that really brought my sound to where I am at now.

Now that you’ve toured the world a bit and made a lot of connections, where else besides Montreal do you think there’s a really good community for creative, next-step bass bangers?
Vancouver seems to be the next big Canadian city to get on the sound and vibe we’re doing! Other than that, there’s an amazing scene in most of the West Coast of the U.S., like Portland, San Francisco and L.A. As for the East Coast, Toronto is slooooowly catching on to this scene, and New York is already up there, but that’s all I know so far.

You have wide-open ears, finding inspiration in all kinds of music. Is there any one style or genre that you really can’t stand?
Reggeaton used to be one but not anymore, ever since I met this amazing producer from Cuba called Nando Pro. He has such a distinctive sound in his production. But ever since then, I’ve come to a realization that there isn’t a genre I hate. The only thing I could hate is if the composition and the main feel of a song is not right. I would have a harder time standing it. But in the end I always try to find the best out of anything I hear.

You’ve signed on with the Glasgow-based label LuckyMe. Why is that a good home for your music?
Because it’s something that happened naturally. It’s really like finding an amazing girlfriend — ha ha! You first become friends and build on that relationship for a while, then all of a sudden, you’ve got more than a friendly relationship going. Weird analogy, but that’s sorta how I see it. I always try to feel the grounds of a label first before signing and they’re such great, likeminded people with the same views and ethics as I that it just naturally happened without any second thought, and it’s been nothing but the best vibes!

Tell us a bit about your EP, Stacker Upper!
Yes! This project is mainly me trying to bridge the commercial sounds of rap music with the more underground/experimental sounds. In high school, I used to be the biggest backpacker ever. I used to hate anything that’s commercial, but as I got older, I started to recognize the geniuses who would compose the tunes, and that’s when I started to focus on them and, being in a completely different scene where most artists have a more experimental sound, it came to me to try to bridge the gap between the two and to see how the end result would sound!

Who did the cool cover art for the EP?
Collin Faulkes, he runs the visual communication department at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore, did the illustration. He used to paint graffiti and breakdance too, and being a good friend of the LuckyMe family, it was the perfect opportunity to get him to design the cover of my record!

You collaborated on a Deerhunter remix with Diplo. What was it like, working with the current king of global ghetto funk?
Unreal is all I can say. But I keep it professional, ha ha.

What’s your one favourite item in your wardrobe?
Snapback caps, hands down.

You participated in the Red Bull Music Academy in London this past year. What was that like?
An unreal experience! It literally brought work ethic to a whole other level. I’ve just learnt so much from the team and the participants because every one of them was a likeminded person with the same ideas and views, so we all got along as if we’d known each other for years!

You also played the prestigious Sonar music festival in Barcelona. That must have been a blast!
That’s something I will always remember for my whole life! Four days of intense partying from daytime until the next morning. I played twice, during the day and night, and I was absolutely surprised I had the energy for both performances because I was actually afraid I would be tired on stage, and that’s completely the opposite of what I am on stage! But with all the excitement and adrenaline going through me, I gave a great show and I am really happy for the positive response I got from people after the gigs!

Besides those two big events, what were some other highlights of 2010 for Lunice?
Playing Osheaga was really great! That Red Bull Megahurtz party I did in Vancouver was pretty amazing as well! There’s just so many highlights in 2010, my head will explode trying to think about every one of them.

What are you most excited about for 2011?
New music!

Given your crazy schedule and productivity, what do you do to relax? Presuming you ever do relax!
Games. Play games. Lots of games, ha ha! Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Final Fantasy XIV — can you believe these guys are at 14?! — etc. Other than that, I would just do whatever else that would put my mind at ease, from kicking it with my close friends to watching a sitcom with my girlfriend.

Lunice :: Another
Lunice :: BLAZE
K-OS :: Zambony (Lunice Instrumental RMX)
Lunice :: Hitmane’s Anthem
Mexicans with Guns :: Sell Your Soul (Lunice RMX)
Lunice :: Dreamtaker
Lunice :: Cups Up
Lunice :: Take Away (Take Two)
Elephant Man :: Shake It (Lunice RMX)
Radio Radio :: EJ Savais Pas Mieux (Lunice RMX)

Source: All content in this post is from SAFEWALLS. The original article can be found here.

LISTEN UP :: Into the Void / Get Yo Deezl !

My debut EP.  One day I’ll be a rockstar.  Just wait and see.
The track below entitled, Into The Void, is the work of one of my bass-heavy, music-making, homies, JACK DEEZL. His soon-to-be released EP, VOID, is scheduled to drop on the 22nd of this month. If you want to hear more Deezl bass, or want to get in contact with the man himself, check him out on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.