LISTEN UP :: Simple Joys / Mindelixir Circa '09.

Beautiful Small Machines' single Simple Joys was inspired by Philip K. Dick's classic book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, the novel that also inspired the Blade Runner movie. If you have neither read the book or seen the movie, the blog, Here Comes The Flood, explained the meaning behind Simple Joys saying,
"The pain and uncertainties of a world full of replicants while the protagonists are looking for simple joys is caught in a pastoral electronic angst..."
If you're listening to the track and start to wonder why Beautiful Simple Machines sounds strikingly similar to Duran Duran, you are not misguided! Simon Le Bon did indeed lay down vocals that accompany the Beautiful Simple Machines duo on Simple Joys.

Beautiful Small Machines :: SIMPLE JOYS (MINDELIXIR RMX)

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