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Teachings of the Universe
Visions of the New Humanity

"Gerardo Gomez’s art colors the psychedelic with neurotic dashes of style. His images can hide the sinister behind the simple, drawing the viewer in with brightness while rewarding a close look with the darkness of questioned thought." (OutsiderArt)

When I visited the artist's official site, I was both surprised and amused by what I saw after I clicked on the link that led me to his bio page. There was only one sentence...

"I've been born several times."

This statement, though extremely short, is anything but simple. It is, on the contrary,  both profound and leading, and gives a viewer/reader great insight into the man behind the art..

Power comes in many forms. However, the rarest form of power, neither easily attained or practiced...is the kind of power that comes from one's ability to utilize a few short words to communicate a much larger, more complex message. Gomez effectively utilizes this form of power, and in effect, sparks the curiosity of those who peruse his site...and leaves them  with a craving to know more...about both him, and his art.

Read more about Gomez and see more of his amazing and complex work...

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