While it's becoming increasingly easy to tune out when clothing brands talk about heritage and craft, there are still some that warrant attention. At seven years strong, NYC- and LA-based label 3sixteen continues to set itself apart with a genuine dedication to producing high-quality threads that don't capitalize on the latest trends, but will instead remain relevant throughout time. Founded by Andrew Chen in 2003 as a t-shirt line, 3sixteen now produces a range of long-lasting staple garments and accessories for guys whose taste is equal parts refined and rugged. 

For Cool Hunting, 3sixteen created a series of locally-sourced wool ties in patterns that CH chose along with Chen. Made in one of the few remaining factories in Manhattan's Garment District (where Chen shot the picture above, of the ties in mid-production), the fabrics range from sharp plaids to rich solids with subtle textures woven in. CH particularly digs 3sixteen's versatility, adding sophistication to casual ensembles and keeping more dignified looks from appearing stuffy. Crafted exclusively for CH, the 3sixteen ties sell from CH's online shop for $80 each.  

Content via: Cool Hunting

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