In their own words...Looking for step-by-step instructions on how to do nail art designs on your client's nails? Well look no further. If you want to search our archives, we've divided our nail art how-tos into different levels — beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Don't forget, we'll be constantly adding new designs, so keep coming back for more nail art step-by-steps

Dots and Stripes... 

1. Using China Glaze Shocking Pink, polish a V-shape at the free edge.

2. Using a striper brush, add five turquoise lines as shown.
3. Using a dotting tool, add two sets of bright yellow dots. 
    Using a striper brush, add two yellow lines.
4. Apply lines of Color Club Crystal Glitter. 
    Apply a blue rhinestone. 
    Apply two layers of top coat.

Angling Up...

1. Polish the nail off-white. 
    At an angle as shown, polish ¾ of the nail pink. 
2. Outline the slant in black. Using black, feather the left corner. 
    Paint a white free edge. 
    Add silver glitter between the black lines.
3. Add a dot of silver glitter at the base of the feathers. 


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