Eyeliner Application Tips to make eyes look bigger... 

There are a few tricks that can create the illusion of having bigger eyes :) It is all in your technical know-how of shading and shaping - dark to recede and light to bring forth. Shading and highlighting work to enhance your eye shape, by balancing the use of light and dark colors you wear with the rest of your makeup, you can give the illusion of having bigger eyes! The main trick for small eyes is to focus on keeping your eye open ? so not too much eye makeup, and go easy on colors that are too dark, as both of these will close the eye, making it look smaller. Once you know the basics of how to enhance your small eyes, you can really play. Start with a few of the makeup tricks below to help your eyes look bigger, and go from there!

Eyeliner application and techniques:
  • Always draw with a freshly sharpened eyeliner pencil, trace the contour of your eye, start your eyeliner above your iris and extend just past the outer corner of your eye, making sure the line is straight across or slightly upward - blend upward and outward; smudge to soften line.
  • Be aware that eyeliner can be friend or foe - avoid "closing" in the eye and making it look even smaller, by only applying a fine line when outlining the entire eye, and assist this by using a light to medium shade of eyeliner - very dark, heavy liner will make your eyes look smaller.
  • Application of liner needs to be as close to your lashes as possible, hence the need for a sharp pencil! Use a very fine line when using eyeliner (liquid or pencil), and keep the liner even on both top and bottom.

To apply eyeliner on yourself, close your eyes and gently place your pointer finger (of your non-drawing hand) along your lashes of the eye you are lining, open your other eye and carefully draw the line along your lashbed of your closed eye, repeat on the other side.

Sharpen your pencil. A blunt pencil gives you less control of the line, and tends to be messy. When you use a nicely sharpened pencil, the results are precision lining

TIP: if you do smudge your eyeliner or mascara, then spot fix. The fine tip end of cotton tips are perfect for spot removal. Dab the cotton tip into your eye makeup remover, and carefully wipe away the smudge, rather than taking all your eye makeup off and starting over.

Using eyeliner alone adds definition; while the most up to date look is one sheer shimmery eyeshadow (used all over) in combination with a softly smudged liner for a more sophisticated look.
  • For a simple small eye makeover, apply a lighter shadow all over your lid, really add oomph by using a shimmery pale eye shadow in the very center of the lid, right above your iris. To shape and define your eye, take your darker shade (or your contour color) on the very outer edge of your lid, extend your eyeliner outward from your iris.
  • For a real eye opener, and a more dramatic finish, sweep a thin line of a shimmery light eye shadow just above your eyeliner. Smudge a soft line under your eye (along the outer third), extend this line upward and outward and join with your contour color, blend to soften any edges.
  • Finish your eye makeup by sweeping a coat or 2 of mascara on top lashes only (especially for day or more natural makeup looks), with a few strokes extra on your upper and lower outer lashes for added impact.
  • Your eyes will appear larger when brows are thinner, but be careful not to take them too thin if your brow bone is prominent - just a good tidy and trim, and brush them into shape.
  • Always curl your lashes to open eyes up.

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