CAPTURED :: Some Love for Tall Tree.

Froglegs Spoonfingers & Elfkowitz outside the Grassroots Dome

View of the Tall Tree campgrounds, from outside the Grassroots Dome

View of the Tall Tree campgrounds, from outside the Grassroots Dome

Graham trying to patch up the Grassroots Dome before it rains

Graham posted up in his hammock inside the GRC Dome

K (aka K-Nobs) & Rob

K & Graham


K & Ian (aka Elfkowitz) w/ Ben Samples & Greg Fisk (aka Fresh2Death)

Tawny's homie bears an uncanny resemblance to someone I know...

CMaz sighting!

Steezin hard in a fabulous technicolor fit :)

K & Renee

K & Samples

K & Ian

Crispy, Wilson, Mama & Snufalufagus in the Peace, Love & Glass booth

K, Ian, Rob & Froglegs getting wierd in the dome

Mama & K


K & Samples

Mama & Samples

Harrison & K

Harrison, Rob, Ian, K & Jared

Rob, K & Ian

GRIZ (from the back) inside the GRC Dome

Ian, K, Rob & Graham...GROUP HUG!

Harrison, Rob & K servin' that Sun Droppp

Graham, Ian & K

Dennis & K

Dennis & K

Tall Tree sunset



Rob & Mama

Seth, Mama, Nicole & Paul

Seth, Mama Ana, Nicole & Paul

Nicole in some truly AMAZING festie steez

Mama, Nicole, Paul & the blowup dino

Just before shit got really really weird... 8)

Tawny finds a hoop

Tawny hoopin' by the water after sunset

Group shot outside the barn

Cool pantalones

Group shot outside the barn...again

Mama & K

K & her festie kiddo.

Abid, festie kid w/ his fam & Fisk throwin' up the ears


No, really...THE BEST! Grassroots shorty steez. TOO CUTE.

Abid, Mama, Jake & Luth at the Minds Matter booth

Abid, Mama & Jake at the Minds Matter booth

Grant, Tawny & Abid gettin down. Love the intergalactic fit on my girl!

K, Abid & Tyler (aka Teleport)

K & Abid

Blackout K

Ian, Joe Mousepad & K

This guy named Salt & my favorite Tall Tree spunion

Project Aspect, Mama Ana & Unlimited Gravity

Sean, Project Aspect, Mama Ana & Unlimited Gravity

Abid, from Minds Matter, doin what he does best

Abid & Grant doin' The Abid

Musta been preeeeetty funny...

Rob & Tawny

Abid & Tawny the Dino

Mama, Joe Mousepad & Ill-esha

Mama Ana & Tawny sip sip sip sippin on that Manischewitz

* I hate that some of these images are so blurry, but I had to use multiple cameras and one of them (sadly) did not produce good quality pics.

Oh! ...and BIG UPs to Abid Man and K-Nobbs for donating their cams (and a few pics) to the "Mama Ana" cause :)

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