WORD :: What The Stars Had To Say About My Day.

If you know me, then you know I'm in to studying the Occult and all forms of Divination. While I don't rely on  horoscopes, numerology, etc. to be 100% accurate or tell me exactly what the future holds, I do, however, use these practices to help me gain insight and direction; and, in addition, I use them as tools to guide self-reflection. 

I checked my horoscope the minute I got home on March 8th, because it had been one of the most eye-opening and mind-blowing days I'd experienced in a long long time. Here's what the stars had to say about my day...

Enthusiasm for spiritual and metaphysical studies could have you feeling optimistic about the future. Your physical energy is high, Gemini, and this suggests that you want to try yoga, tai chi, or another discipline that combines physical exercise with developing psychic and spiritual faculties. Friends could want to join you in this activity. Let the insights flow, and write them down.

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