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If you know me, then you know that I have a serious obsession with words, word games, the dictionary and thesaurus, writing...I could go on, but I will spare you the babble. Anyway, the reason I decided to post this, is because everyone has experienced that feeling of panic when you realize - while in the middle of playing an intense game of Scrabble, or maybe a game of Literati against some freakishly skillful online word game wizard, or maybe while trying to figure out that one crossword clue from your Sunday morning crossword puzzle that has you stumped and on the verge pulling your hair out - that you need some help, and quick! 
  • Scrabble Words: Q Without U :: For many casual Scrabble players, drawing a Q is more likely to inspire fear rather than joy. But the 10-point letter should be seen as a source of high-scoring plays. Learning the words which use a Q but not a U can go a long way toward improving your results. 
  • Scrabble Words: No Vowels :: Sometimes, even the best Scrabble players get stuck with a rack full of consonants. The good news is that more than 120 legal Scrabble words can be spelled without a vowel. The bad news is that most of them require you to have a Y (or two). 
  • Scrabble Words: Two Letters :: There are more than 100 two-letter words which can be played in Scrabble. Although they generally won't bring you a lot of points, knowing them can get you out of some tough spots. 
  • Scrabble Words: Three-Letter X Words :: Like the Q, the J and the Z, many casual Scrabble players would rather not draw an X tile. Taking some time to learn these three-letter X words can significantly improve your game.
  •  Scrabble Words: Four-Letter X Words :: When you draw an X tile in Scrabble, do you regret it? Learning these four-letter X words can help improve your Scrabble scores.

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