LISTEN UP :: Reppin' Chi-Town on that Repeat Business.

Repeat Business, was pieced together by Mindelixir, one of the major players in the Dubstep world and the name behind Bass Church, which is currently considered to be one of the largest monthly bass parties in the U.S. The album is quite an amalgamation of bass-heavy electronic bangers, featuring some of the most soon-to-be highly regarded names in the dubstep world. Ghetto Sexuual, Elfkowitz, Psymbionic and Stereotonin are just a few of the producers who Mindelixir puts on blast with the release of this compilation album.

What got me so geeked on Repeat Business, is that two homies of mine, LOBOUNCE (Giancarlo Pasquesi) and STRATUS (Patrick Stratton) (aka GHETTO SEXUUAL), are featured on the album. Believe me, the music these two create together, which they describe as, "low end, down tempo, sexuual debauchery" and I regard as some of the best glitchy, crunk-nasty, bass-heavy, bubble-poppin, wobble out right now, is definitely worth its price; if not more.

Big ups to LoBounce and Stratus for reppin' The Chi right with their nasssty dope Dubstep sounds and always fresh steez!

Below, are three free track downloads and a bonus free mini-mix download. The first, "Keep Forgettin", is the work of Chicago local boy, LoBounce. The second, called "Monday Morning" is from up-and-coming name Spooky Jones. The third, is a Stereotonin remix of a hip hop track by People Under the Stairs (aka PUTS), which has been on my "Top 10 Hip Hop Tracks of All Time" list for years. PUTS is a group that transcends time because of their simple, yet addictive, beats and the undeniable lyrical genius. Last, but not least, is a bonus free download of the "Repeat Business Mini-Mix" by Psymbionic. The Repeat Business tracklist and links to purchase the album, either in its entirety or each track individually, are also provided below. 

Sometimes, like many of you I'm sure, I find myself hesitating to download music when I actually have to pay for it. But, since we're on the Dubstep, Chicago, and Ghetto Sexuual tip right now, I must highly reccomend that each and every one of you (especially if you don't feel propelled to throw down the $15+ for the whole album) drop at least the measly $2+ for the two dope tracks by my homies: "Sonic (LoBounce Remix)" and "Deep Breath" by Ghetto Sexuual.

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Axiom Crux :: Vapor Nation
T8rtot :: Not 2B Missed
Elfkowitz :: Gone
Stereotonin :: Hop Scotch Warrior
Deformati :: Careful Demons (Elfkowitz remix)
Charlie P :: Hole in my Pocket
Fast Nasty :: The Arcadian Shark
Panther God :: Zomba
Spooky Jones :: Starship Ping Pong
Bookworm :: Ursine Combat Squad
Spooky Jones :: Attack of the Coincidence
Psymbionic :: Pseudo Science
Stereotonin :: Thank You, Come Again

.:: BUY ::.

Ghetto Sexual :: DEEP BREATH


Spooky Jones :: MONDAY MORNING

.:: BONUS ::.
A mini-mix that gives you a little taste of the amazingness you can expect from the Repeat Business album.

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