LISTEN UP :: Lose Yourself in Sound.

As I walked away from the wreckage, bloodied and torn, I felt free and unrestrained. Every problem and worry, every cruel clawing castigation was buried beneath the steel wire frame. Unclouded and autonomous - I was able to walk away from everything that burdened me. Broken and bruised, I was completely unconstrained for the first time. You were no longer there - now enshrined in a fragmented tomb - your contorted and calloused body. Nothing satisfied me more than the thought of complete independence - away from the invisible restraint you so gleefully wrapped around me. (unholy rhythms)

Purity Ring’s “Ungirthed” may be one of the most amazing and addictive tracks I have heard in a long, long time. The second "Ungirthed" started to creep in, I immediately started bopping my head to the - what seemed at first to be off - beat, turned up my speakers, took a sip of the piff, closed my eyes, and let my mind, body and soul become lost in the glitchy, topped with a lil bit of grime, pulsing, heaven-sent sounds that surrounded me.

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