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The following originally appeared on Simplify Recordings' blog. The post was entitled BLUNT INSTRUMENT – “TWICE BAKED EP” + FREE TUNE PACK. I just recently discovered Blunt Instrument's music and think the words of an entity that actually represents the group is more appropriate in this circumstance, then my own. Enjoy!
It’s become apparent to anyone who’s paying attention that the West Coast of the US has become the forefront for glitch hop and experimental bass music, but from time to time producers from far fetched corners of the world chime in on the conversation with their take on what it means to womp.

Example: Luke Latimer and Rocco Mico are a production duo from the rural northern coast of the New South Wales province in Australia. A chance 5 minute encounter with a set of turntables started the duo on a 5 year journey to become the glitch hop act Blunt Instrument.

Drawing early influence from instrumental hip hop maestros DJ Food and Shadow, the two have been on a constant mission to create the most cutting edge beats available; its no wonder they’re currently working in glitch hop and don’t see stopping anytime soon. With recent chart success on "Acid Crunk Volume 3” (Beatport Breaks Charts #2), appearances in support of Ant-ten-ae and Ill Gates, and releases on notable labels such as Muti, among others, the duo is quickly kicking up some international dust in the global glitch arena.

On Blunt Instrument’s debut release for Simplify, the duo draws heavily on a 00’s era funky nu skool breaks production style in creating their midtempo shlump funkers.On this five pack, Blunt Instrument combines swing samples, heavy bass lines, dance hall cadences, and spooky classic dub ambience to carve out a gleaming slice of funky glitch they can call all their own.



BONUS DOWNLOAD :: Blunt Instrument's first single entitled tURTLE sLAP

Source: Afro Monk, Soundcloud & Simplify Recordings.

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