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Ozium air sanitizer is the best way to keep the air in your home or work space clean and smelling fresh. Ozium does not cover up the odors associated with sewer, pets, cooking and smoking - it eliminates them! . Ozium, the original air purifier, is a chemical agent that actually eliminates smoke and unpleasant odors and reduces airborne bacteria. Ozium actually cleanses the air through glycolized action. The Ozium glycolized formula acts directly on odor causing particles in the air. Ozium is distinguished from other products that simply mask odors. Ozium is an EPA registered air sanitizer and is safe to use residentially or commercially in homes, rental property, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, veterinary clinics, restaurants, bars, laundry rooms, cars, mobil homes, offices, and just about anywhere there might be an odor problem.

Ozium Hand Held Aerosols
Ozium aerosol sanitizer/freshener will effectively eliminate bad odors anywhere it's sprayed. Each use will release a pleasant fragrance that kills odor-causing bacteria and converts smoke particles into clean, fresh air. EPA registered.
Ozium Metered Air Sanitizer Refill
Ozium Metered Air Sanitizer is dispersed into the air by way of one of our metered air freshening systems that spray a fine mist of lighter-than-air particles at timed intervals. The Ozium particles remain suspended for 3-4 hours to neutralize, sanitize and deodorize odors, leaving nothing behind but clean air and a fresh fragrance. EPA registered. For use in TimeMist® standard size metered aerosol dispensers, sold separately.

Compare Effectiveness of Odor Eliminators
See how well popular odor eliminators (PureAyre, electrical air cleaners, Ozium, Ozone, Lysol, Oust, Citrus and candles) eliminate pet, urine, bathroom, cooking, cigarette, cigar and other smoke odors from air, fabrics, carpets and other surfaces. Check out the safety ratings, too. Many products are not safe to use near food, pets and children. 


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be careful that shits toxic if you breathe it