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If I haven't emphasized it enough, I am a sucker for really anything slapped with the label of Night Slugs on it. They can do no wrong and their backing of Toronto-'bassed' (get it?) beatmaker, Egyptrixx (real name: David Psutka), is no exception to the rule. Like many of the 'Slugs', Egyptrixx teeters between genres but never seems to shy away from the bassweight.

His sound is within the realm of the future funky movement, heavily influenced by both garage and hip-hop. Truly, this strain of dubstep is very far off from what most consider the genre to be – but his bass tendencies definitely earn him a spot among the elite. Dude can also cook up some mean samples and percussion to get your ass on the floor… proof enough that he is most definitely a dancefloor technician.

To start this one off, I've got a featured interview from Scion A/V – the video features an interview of Egyptrixx by John Dadzie (AKA 12th Planet) – the discussion scans through Egyptrixx's raver days, his respect for Phoetek, Africa and drum metal.

While Egyptrixx's releases are a bit scattered and shared between some smaller labels, he's made his biggest impact within the last year with the help of his recruitment to the Night Slugs team. His highly-acclaimed EP, The Only Way Up, featured only two original productions and three remixes from some of his finest labelmates (Kingdom, Ikonika, and Cubic Zirconia). Below you can check out the release's title track…

Egyptrixx is quite a master at the art of remixing, as well. To be honest, that is how I caught wind of him in the first place – his remix of Dev79′s "In Ya Face" was recommended to me by a friend, and I was really blown away by his different take on the bass sound. I have been really diggin' on his refix of Serious Saturday alum, Starkey and his latest single "Robot Hands" – which you can check out over at XLR8R.

Following the success of his slew of remixes and EP, Night Slugs has announced the forthcoming full-length release for Egyptrixx – entitled Bible Eyes. With a tentative release date of February 9th, this one is definitely going to be one of the more highly anticipated albums within the bass culture for early 2011.

In the meantime why don't you check out the visually stunning video for the album's opener, "Start From the Beginning" to get the anticipation building.

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