WORD :: HIM: "Hey!" ME: "Nooo Wayyy!"

MS really has some balls, I tell you! Or maybe, he's just an idiot and didn't get the point when I didn't answer the first time, or second, or third. All that aside, this kid actually called me the other day and left the following message,
"Hey I'm sure you're busy but I'm in Chicago for tonight and tomorrow afternoon were going dancing tonight and I'd be cool if you came."
Baaaahahahahaha! I died, and I mean died, of laughter and shock when I read his text. Silly, silly, silly boy. This might be a fucked up thing to say, on my part, but immaturity, silliness and blatant disregard for the obvious are traits that must run in the family. The little one is just as crazy as his older brother. Those of you who are reading this and know me, as well as the family I am speaking of, know exactly how crazy this clan is and can be.

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