GIGS :: Мишка Wants You.

Here is you chance to get one foot in the our grave. We are looking for brave souls with a variety of talents that will be able to commit for a minimum of 3 days a week for 3 month tenure. Please submit your resume and a cover letter explaining to us why you would make a good candidate for any of the following internships.
  • Design Interns will assist the Art Department in seasonal designs i.e. creating CADs, tech packs and promotional materials. You need to be proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Free-hand or digital illustration ability a huge plus.
  • Operations Interns will assist in the organization of the online/store inventory, partitioning and shipping of the orders and general office/store upkeep duties. Being proficient in MS Office suite required.
  • Marketing Interns will assist with press sample pulls, sponsorship and event projects, press/tear sheet archiving and general office upkeep duties. Knowledge of the music, art and fashion industries are all a plus; being proficient in Adobe suite a plus, MS Office suite required.
  • Bloglin Interns will assist with maintaining the blog, preparing drafts and creating new contents. Please regularly keep up to date with some combination of music, art, film, TV and fashion if applying; Please have a strong grasp of grammar, proficiency in Photoshop, and basic HTML skills. Maintaining your own blog and knowing your way around a camera are big pluses. Please also enjoy writing and blogging!
  • Photo Interns will assist with product and catalog shoots, photo retouching and be sent assignment to cover Мишка sponsored events. You must have your own SLR and know how to use it! Please be proficient in Photoshop. Basic HTML knowledge and blogging ability is also a plus. If you are  a wannabe nightlife photographer, here's a great opportunity if you've got the chops.
  • Retail Interns will assist in the day-t0-day operations of running 350 Broadway, from merchandising to retail sales. Being proficient in MS Office suite and being handy with a camera is recommended. Past retail/merchandising experience is a big plus.

Select your area of expertise and put it in your email's subject line. Then send along your resume with a cover letter, explaining your reason for wanting to be part of the darkness, to interns@mishkanyc.com. Please put some thought into your cover letter.We ask that anyone applying to our intern position already live in NYC or be willing to relocate here for the duration of their internship. Please be a motivated self-starter ready to service Satan's every whim. All internships are unpaid… But Hell ain't a bad place to be. All internship are for New York so please either live here or be willing to relocate when applying.

P.S. Our current crew of interns are pretty fuckin' lights out…you'll have some pretty big shoes to fill!

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