Fall is a time of reflection - and daydreaming - for me. When I start to feel the chill, hybernation mode kicks in...and all I want to do is crawl into my white fluffy cloud of pillows and down comforters and lay all day. Seasonal depression is really what I feel...and my daily dose of Vitamin D doesn't help as much as I wish it would. The thought of not tying on a bikini the minute I get out of bed and stepping out in to the sunshine beating down on my deck, makes me sad. Although the anticipation of fall and winter clothes shopping puts a smile on my face, it's only momentarily and morons in to a frown as soon as that cold Chicago breeze slaps me in the face. I say it all the time, but I truly believe that a climate has warm weather year-round is the place for me. This may just be one of my last winters in Chicago...and that brings me the comfort I need to get through it without losing my mind.