While my best friend from high school celebrated her engagement with her family and friends (minus me - I wasn't invited), I was reuniting, yet again, with a boy she and I both have a past with. Theirs was very short-lived, while ours, at this point, seems neverending. But it does make me reflect on the past, ponder the present and daydream about the future. I wonder who's happier with their life right now...or maybe we're equally satisfied with our current state of being, even though we are in such different places in our lives. Which brings me to my hypothetic reason for her not inviting me to celebrate, even though we were (and until this point thought us to still be) very very close friends. I don't fit the "mold"...never have. I don't conform, follow the "rules," or live a "normal" life (and I mean this in soooo many ways). She is now beginning her WASPlife and I accept the fact that she had to let me go in order to do so. I'm not angry. I accept her for who she is and the choices she makes...that's what friends do. I hope she had a magical night.