SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND...Inspirational steez, simple, yet eyecatching photos and links.

THE DEETS...Established in 2007, Copenhagen Street Style has made a name for itself among some of the most coveted fashion and style-centered blogs on the web and developed quite a fashionista-following over that last few years. It may have the same aim as other streetstyle-centered blogs on the web: to contribute to the rapidly-growing movement of streetstyle-centered blogs that aim to capture the essence of and tell the story a city and it's people through the clothes those people wear. However, there is a simplicity about the blog itself - as well as the author's tasteful, yet edgy, eye for spotting a wide range of unique, seen-on-the-street looks, styled by real women - that put it a step above the rest.

THE BEST PART...Do not navigate away from this bog without taking the time to peruse the many looks featured in the "Seen on the Street" section. I find that most of the looks posted here feature women wearing outfits that I, a clothing-whore, fashion-obsessed, artista, have the ability to recreate, which sets this blog apart from the others that tend to feature items and looks that are not wearable or affordable.

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