I've started brainstorming ideas for creating a work of art that will incorporate the concepts behind the notion of a "human web". I am going to create a mural that portrays the web of connections between myself and the people i know, and then ultimately the connections those associated with me share with others.

A review of Paul Sharpe Projects "Six Degrees of Separation" art exhibit, that appeared on chelseaartgalleries.com includes this description of the meaning behind the concept of the "human web" and its' popularization:

"Six Degrees of Separation is the theory that anyone on the planet can be connected to any other person on the planet through a chain of acquaintances. The theory was first proposed in 1929 by the Hungarian writer Frigyes Karinthy in a short story called "Chains." Sociologist Stanley Milgram devised a way to test the theory in 1967, which he called "the small-world problem." He randomly selected people in the mid-West to send packages to a stranger located in Massachusetts. Although the participants expected the chain to include at least a hundred intermediaries, it only took on average between five and seven intermediaries to get each package delivered. Milgram's findings were published in Psychology Today and inspired the phrase "six degrees of separation." Playwright John Guare popularized the phrase when he chose it as the title for his 1990 play. In 1993 a film was released of the same name starring Stockard Channing and Will Smith."

The mural will be painted on the ceiling and walls of the enclosed back porch that I use as my art room.

More info, updates and pictures coming soon...

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