WORD :: I Want.

I want Sansei maki rolls, enchiladas suiza con pollo - with extra sour cream, a mahi mahi burger from Paia Fishmarket and Minit Stop potato wedges. I want a freshly-baked Al’s Deli chocolate chip cookie as big as my head, a double scoop of mint chip and pb chocolate in a waffle cone, and a tub of B & J’s chubby hubby. I want some lilikoi, lychee, a tall glass of Pog and a strong margarita. 

I want more thin strap Havanians, Betsey Johnson bags, Theory tanks and AA v-neck tees. I want a couple dope MOB hoodies, some Hellz Bellz shit and two pairs of Christian Louboutin heels - one gold and one black. I want another straw fedora and pair of leopard print sunglasses, an itsy-bitsy purple brazilian bikini and a huge yellow beach towel. 

I want a yard filled with pineapple rows, lilikoi and lychee trees. I want a house - filled with laughter, love, warmth, color and music, a big kitchen, a big bed, and my own art studio - in a place where the shared mentality is, “no shirt, no shoes, no problem.” 

I want sun - the kind that beats down on you all day, hot sand under my feet and between my toes, and fat spliffs and cold beer - to waste away the beach days. 

I want a boy with a board – and a brain. 

I want to cruise - destination unknown, windows down, air smelling like sweet plumeria and salt water - rapping and singing along to songs, while beats bump and two hearts pump. 

And i want a spirit - because it's been 2 days since I had my last cig...and cold turkey is a bitch.

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